Project Knowledge Management

Project Knowledge Management

Project knowledge management is not just about creation and distribution of knowledge. It is about the creation of innovation, your competitive advantage, which can only be achieved as a result of the combination and integration of different disciplines and knowledge backgrounds.

You can make current and future projects more efficient and benefit from better performance by using information collected from previous projects. However, applying knowledge transfer methodologies happens throughout the project lifecycle and not in its closing phase when it loses context or needs to be reconstructed.

By capitalizing on the existing knowledge-based assets, a winning project knowledge management program serves to be a source of enhancing project metrics, staff productivity, quality of project output, as well as the efficiency of project processes. However, the implementation of effective Project Knowledge Management can be very challenging.

At AZRE Consulting, we provide assistance and guidance services to organizations and their management for effective Project Knowledge Management through a series of steps. Our approach helps businesses to plan and prepare for the creation and distribution of project knowledge where and when it should be.

To do that, we follow a rigorous four step process:

Step 1: Understand Your Project & Business Needs

Our first step involves understanding your business vision and projects’ goals and objectives. This will allow us to better envision and develop the ideal  project knowledge base.  We keep in mind that your project knowledge base is for your future self.

Step 2: Brainstorm Content Ideas 

Once we successfully identify the projects’ goals and objectives, we will be able to determine what knowledge the Project Knowledge must include. Here in the second step, our experts will help you do some digging to develop and categorize content ideas.

Step 3: Develop Knowledge Base

The third step is a crucial step where we will guide your organization from planning and prioritizing towards the actual creation of project knowledge content. But before the first knowledge asset is even created, we will do some additional planning which involves creating a style guide, pre-content creation, deciding on who to involve, when to create and how to monitor knowledge content.

Step 4: Measure Knowledge Base Impact, Update & Improve

Once the knowledge base is established for a project we will help you identify its impact by enabling you to answer the following questions:

  • Are your stakeholders engaging with your knowledge base?
  • Is your knowledge base supporting user experience and performance?
  • Has your knowledge base positively impacted your business?


As the organization and the project knowledge continuously evolves, so shall your project knowledge base. We will help you do this in two ways:

  • Keeping project knowledge content up-to-date
  • Improving project knowledge base efforts and initiatives

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