AZRE Consulting specializes in driving meaningful change for organizations by providing tailored solutions in digital transformation, business process improvement, work management automation, and IT strategy. Our expertise helps businesses streamline operations, enhance productivity, and stay competitive in today’s dynamic market.

We deeply immerse ourselves in our client’s business, searching for and making only those decisions that are relevant to their business goals. AZRE Consulting is well versed in removing impediments and driving decisions, when needed; supporting all phases of assigned projects.

Partner with us to unlock your full potential and achieve sustainable growth through innovative strategies and professional development.


Business Process Management

At AZRE Consulting, we offer comprehensive business process engineering services to help organizations manage and improve their operations, increase efficiency, and achieve greater success.

Our services include process documentation, mapping, analysis, business process redesign, workflow optimization, process automation, and continuous process improvement. We also provide guidance and support throughout the implementation process to ensure a smooth transition and ongoing success.

Consultancy Services

We are more likely to satisfy your expanded expectations because we firstly work to better understand your purpose and clarify your consulting goals. As our client, we want you to reduce the waste of impractical data and poorly implemented recommendations.

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow! As a hybrid firm, we understand and excel at striking the right balance between proper planning and changing forward

Learn more about our wide spectrum of Consultancy Services.

IT Project Management

Your project will be significantly more likely to succeed when you invest in professional project manager. We don’t just deliver a Project Manager. We deliver a full service with sustainable added value. Your project is only complete when it starts working for you.

Learn how AZRE Consulting defines the approach to Project Management together with you.

Digital Product Management

From product vision, strategic planning and portfolio management, product management is most successful when you consistently deliver value to customers over time.

We work closely with you through agile, front-line execution, to create world-class products by understanding market and customer needs and putting them at the center of what we do.

Learn about our approach to identify dozens of factors and quantify their impact on growth, customer loyalty, market share and more.

Corporate Training

To realize benefits in complex and major projects, AZRE Consulting integrates standard and customized training programs within its offerings. Our Corporate Training services are designed to create great teams, managers, and leaders through hands-on opportunities that train on project and product management tools and processes.

We believe that stakeholders’ engagement and satisfaction are key success factors. They are better achieved through expanding on the knowledge of your own internal team with the required skills and best practices.

More on training topics and programs.

At AZRE Consulting, we are always learning about what we do, eager to solve the problems that matter most to you, and a voice for opportunities and potentials. We are confident yet we understand how complex things can be. When we are uncertain, it is an opportunity for us to learn and improve.
Ayman Dayekh
Founder & MD


AZRE Consulting is also a force for social good. Our dream is to empower the youth to take the right decisions and approaches in their education and careers through guidance, mentorship, and orientation; which would bring better entrepreneurs and workforce.


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