Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

We are more likely to satisfy your expanded expectations because we firstly work to better understand your purpose and clarify your consulting goals. As our client, we want you to reduce the waste of impractical data and poorly implemented recommendations.

A good plan today is better than a perfect plan tomorrow! As a hybrid firm, we understand and excel at striking the right balance between proper planning and changing forward.  We strongly uphold the idea that every project is unique so we follow the approach that one size does not fit all.

AZRE Consulting provides business-related strategic solutions for startups, SMBs, as well as large Enterprises. We provide each client with personal attention and approach.

Our range of consultancy services includes but is not limited to:

  • Business Plans and Feasibility Studies for your new project, mobile app, or new business
  • IT Governance & Strategy for your existing or new IT department or company
  • Digital and Organizational Transformation to create and deliver value faster

Business Plans and Feasibility Studies

Are you planning to start a new project? launch a new product? or business?

A solid business plan will make you tell the future by working on it today! Our business plans and feasibility studies services will ensure that your efforts are successful and your investments not wasted.

We assist you in answering questions like: is the project feasible enough to reap profits? What are the competencies needed to make it work out? How much budget, time, and resources are required? Is it a good market? Is the project technically and economically feasible?

Our qualified and multi-disciplined team of experts will provide you with unbiased evaluation and create well-researched business plans and feasibility studies to determine the right course of action for new endeavors.

Our services include:

  • Business Plans
  • Market Research
  • Product-Market Fit Analysis
  • Value Proposition
  • Business Models Decisions
  • Benchmarks and KPIs
  • Financial and Strategic Advisory
  • Stakeholders (Customers, Partners, Investors,) Relationship Management
You can learn more about our services by requesting a call back or booking a free no commitment 30-min consultation session.

IT Governance & Strategy

Are you having troubles with the overall management of your IT projects?

Are IT-related operations underperforming and unable to portray efficiency and accomplish your strategic goals?

Our IT Governance and Strategy services enables you to effectively manage your IT risks and ensures that the activities associated and investments paid, are all aligned with the overall business objectives.

Our well-equipped IT consultants conduct targeted evaluations of your personalized needs and objectives to provide consistent plans that serve as a means to empower your competitive advantage and stand out from your competitors in the industry.

We don’t just provide you with information and recommendations. We work closely with all your stakeholders to assist you with implementation of recommended solutions, build a consensus and commitment around corrective actions with all your stakeholders, and facilitate learning to resolve similar problems. We believe our approach will permanently improve your organizational effectiveness.

We provide strategy design and execution for:

  • Value Delivery
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Performance Management
  • Resource Management
  • Risk Management

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Digital & Organizational Transformation

Are you struggling with manual processes, legacy and inefficient systems,  yet reluctant to adopt digital automation due to costs and plethora of options?

Are you confused about the best framework and tools to integrate your dispersed systems?

Do you know the value of information and insights in your data but cannot exploit it?

In collaboration with technology leaders in the industry, we help your business innovate rapidly, boost performance and productivity, and collaborate efficiently through digital and organizational transformation.

Our team of experts are well aware of the growing business challenges, regulatory requirements, and change in the workplace reflecting the necessity of implementation of digital transformation solutions.

We provide you with a map for your organizational transformation journey to overcome these challenges by integrating solutions that streamline your operations while enhancing efficiency and reducing costs.

Our services include but are not limited to:

  • Digitization and Workflow Automation
  • Remote Workplace Ecosystem
  • Employee Engagement & Loyalty Platforms
  • Efficiency and Performance Benchmarking
  • Big Data Analytics
  • Digital Transformation Solutions


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